Weekend Masses at St. Catherine

6:05 pm Saturday

8:30 am Sunday

Weekend Masses at St. John Francis Regis

4:00 pm Saturday

7:00 am Sunday

10:30 am Sunday

Weekday Masses

6:15 am Communion Service at St. Francis Regis on Monday

6:15am Mass at St. Francis Regis on Wednesday and Friday

10 am Mass at Morrow Memorial Nursing Home on Tuesday

10 am Mass at St. Catherine on Thursday


Invocation of St. Catherine

ST. CATHERINE, glorious Virgin and Martyr, resplendent in the luster of wisdom and purity; thy wisdom refuted the adversaries of Divine truth and covered them with confusion; thy immaculate purity made thee a spouse of Christ, so that after thy glorious Martyrdom Angels carried thy body to Mount Sinai. Implore for me progress in the science of the Saints and the virtue of holy purity, that vanquishing the enemies of my soul, I may be victorious in my last combat and after death be conducted by the angels into the eternal beatitude of Heaven. Amen.