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St. John Francis Regis Church


Weekend Masses at St. John Francis Regis

4:00 pm Saturday

7:00 am Sunday

10:30 am Sunday

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Weekend Masses at St. Catherine of Alexandria:

6:00 pm Saturday

8:30 am Sunday

Weekday Masses:

6:15am Mass at St. Francis Regis on Wednesday and Friday

10 am Mass at Morrow Memorial Nursing Home on Tuesday

10 am Mass at St. Catherine on Thursday

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Prayer on the Feast of St. John Francis Regis

O God, whose priest, Saint John Francis Regis, a friend of the poor, the sick, and the wayward, eagerly desired to evangelize the peoples of North America; grant, we ask, that we who serve You in his place may be filled with his same spirit of zeal. Amen.